Dear PruMeister:

I read that Pru Calabrese taught her students how to psychically view Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky's first sexual encounter. Then she published a sleazy article about it entitled "Tastes Like Chicken" on her blog (chicken apparently being the flavor of the presidential penis).

When she was roundly criticized for her outrageous behavior, Pru Calabrese neither apologized nor removed the offending pages from the Internet. Rather, she tried to justify her actions by suggesting that, deep down, Bill and Monica's "spirits" really wanted to be debased and ridiculed in this manner.

My question: What does Pru's spirit really want?

Richard Vader
Fort Lee, New Jersey

Dear Mr. Vader:

First off, the logical implication of Pru Calabrese' reasoning is that anything we say on this website is OK because, deep down, no matter what she SAYS to anyone, Pru's spirit really WANTS to be debased and ridiculed. Since we know Pru is ethically-advanced in this regard (after all, she follows the ET Code of Ethics), there are no holds barred here.

What does Pru Calabrese' "spirit" really want? Multiple RV-induced orgasms and her own version of the Jerry Springer Show, where she can invite stupid people to appear as guests so that they can make fools of themselves on national television, and she can laugh all the way to the bank.

Tomorrow on the Prudence Show: Toilet Aliens and the Women Who Love Them.

The PruMeister

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