XTREME Pru Watch!!!

Welcome to XTREME Pru Watch. This section is a lampoon (harsh satire)
of self-proclaimed "World's Most Famous Remote Viewer" Pru Calabrese.
XTREME Pru Watch is not for sissies. If you think you might be a sissy,
then nuke yourself a warm cup of milk, grab your blankee and plop your li'l onesy
down in front of the Disney Channel. This site is NOT FOR YOU.


All characters & events described herein are wholly FICTIONAL--
even those based on real remote viewers, real aliens, and real pseudo-journalists.
This website should not be read by ANYONE
due to its coarse language, controversial content and potentially offensive humor.


Intestines: The Intragastric Bathroom Excrement Guide
Unabashed toilet-humor parody of Pru Calabrese' book describing visitations
from urine-loving alien Grey Dude in search of legendary "golden shower."

Subject: Prudence - Wants to Kill Again. (#1)
Subject: Prudence - Wants to Kill Again. (#2)
Subject: Pru, You Bitch You. (#1)
Subject: Re: Pru, You Bitch You. (#2)
Subject: A Case for Murder 1.
Pru Calabrese fan mail (1998).

Pru the Pig-Killer
Fun story about how Pru Calabrese' gross negligence
resulted in the horrible death of one of her guinea pigs.

Birds of a Feather...
Pru Calabrese and her fine-feathered friend.

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